About Jennifer

I have filed to run in 2024 to return to the First Court of Appeals (Place 2), where I was honored to serve until 2018’s blue wave. There will be ten appellate seats open. These appellate courts are the final decision makers on most issues for our area. We decide appeals involving crime, businesses, contracts, jobs, family disputes—we handle it all. Having qualified, rule-of-law judges matters.

I am uniquely prepared to serve you well in this role.

I’m experienced and committed to the Constitution and rule of law. I was appointed to the First Court of Appeals by Governor Abbott. While serving, I issued 125+ opinions and worked on 450 appeals. My opinions demonstrate that you can count on me to consistently apply the law faithfully; preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution; be true to the text; work hard; never legislate from the bench; and write clear opinions. My record shows that I mean what I say.

My expertise is appellate law. After serving as an appellate Justice, I spent the last four years leading Jackson Walker’s (a large law firm’s) appellate practice. My appellate work has been recognized by Chambers, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and many others. Public service has remained my priority: I serve on the Texas Judicial Council (the policy making body for the Texas judiciary) and the Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals (a Texas Supreme Court appointment).

I am a lifelong Republican, and my background and education prepared me to sit on one of Texas’s most important courts. I grew up in Houston. I left to attend Princeton University and Harvard Law School, then made my way back home. I spent my college years interning for leading Republicans, have been active in the Federalist Society since law school, and have been mentored by some of America’s best conservative jurists. I am blessed to have a loving husband and two wonderful children (7 and 9), who attend River Oaks Baptist School.

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